Fed up with all this Social Media noise? Can't quite make out what all the hype is about? Does it REALLY work?


You don't want to learn this Social Media stuff yourself, it's daunting!, you just want someone in the know that understands it, can make it happen, and help you generate more leads that turn into more sales right? Let's face it, you've got enough on your hands already


Social Media is big business and big businesses understand the benefits of harnessing its power


What we do is we meet, we listen and we take note of your needs and wants for your business and come up with a plan that's a HIT!


Help - Implementation - Transformation.  HIT Marketing Strategies


Our formula is simple:

1.         We set a meeting and see if there is a fit between our companies

2.         Once we see that we CAN help you we create a marketing strategy 

3.         We implement a marketing strategy that works with your budget 


We accomplish these things by listening VERY intently at our first meeting so we can design a marketing strategy that will work with your timelines and your goals


We are a very results oriented company so "YOUR Success IS Our Success"


Our Objectives are:


To get started ASAP – Taking action quickly on the new online and cell phone marketing platforms will produce results (leads and customers) more quickly and and give you greater competitive advantage.


We build your marketing strategy incrementally – we won't do everything at once, so that will help control your costs by paying for it with new leads and customers you attain.


We'll integrate all the elements so they work in the most dynamic way with each other—search engines, video, social media, and mobile marketing.


And here's what you wanted to hear, we'll do it with zero extra work on your part!!! YEAH!!! now we're talking your language :) – By planning, executing and managing your online social media and mobile marketing program for you, your business reaps the benefits without spreading you and your staff too thin.


Nearly 97% of all consumers now use online media when researching products or services. The vast majority think only young people use these technologies when in fact, nearly all of the buying public now uses them.


Marketing has shifted from a one-way broadcast to a multi-point conversation. In the past, communications were “broadcast” exclusively through mass marketing channels like radio, TV and newspapers. However with Social Media,  much of the communication is controlled by the prospects through relationship building interactive services like Facebook and Twitter, which have more than 700 million members combined and growing expotentially.


Additionally, YouTube, gets OVER 300 million visitors PER MONTH and that's where we want to concentrate our efforts. After all people LOVE to watch videos. Let's face it, it's just plain easier, faster and more entertaining.


Honestly, wouldn't you rather just plunk yourself down in front of your computer (you're going to be on it anyway) and just sit back and WATCH what it is you want to know about and chill rather than read. I mean you just worked ALL DAY right? now you just want to relax. That's the power of video.


Posh Intertainment is dedicated to helping you use powerful NEW online and mobile marketing platforms to get visibility, traffic, leads, customers and raving fans for your small business






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