Soft launch – NEW Events Venue, Sun Sept 11th

Soft launch – NEW Events Venue, Sun Sept 11th

Posh Poise – Sept 11th Open House in Victoria, had some great friends and visitors drop by to check out the new venue for holding my events. L to R Producer Patricia Sims, Eco Designer Tracy Yerrell, Saanich Mayor Fred Haynes, myself, and my cousin Jody. Everyone was really excited about the look and vibe of the Haus of Owl space, what can be accomplished there creatively and wished me well with all my new endeavors. For those that missed this one, the 2nd Open House is Sun Sept 18th, 2-4pm. Email me and let me know if you want to come down and check out the new creative space and what I am doing with my newly launched Posh Poise Fashion Style Coaching and the Victoria Film Mixers there. Love to see you!

Be You!

Be You!

WOW! if ever there was a time when “BE YOU” was being repeated over and over again by all the top online marketing trainers in 2021, this is the statement, Be Authentic, just BE YOU!

Didn’t matter if it was Tony Robbins, or Dean Graziosi, or Marie Forleo, or Amy Porterfield, all the online marketing guru’s were saying the same thing. BE YOU!

With LIVE Video being a main component to really launching your online presence and brand through social media, you have to be you.

If your “Tribe” were to run into you on the street they should be able to relate right away, “Oh, it’s you!” because you are truly bringing yourself in every way to the table.

We have all gone through so much BS and upheaval in so many ways these last 2 years, no one has an iota of time to give people that aren’t being 100% authentic. If you are going to build trust for your brand or business you are going to have to drag up the courage to be SEEN! and when seen, REALLY be you in all your glory. Even the messy stuff.

In fact the messy stuff is what people relate to, because heck, none of us are perfect! The videos that are getting the most traction are REAL and RAW. People that aren’t afraid to push that LIVE button and capture whatever they are doing in their lives in the moment. Honestly I have seen people walking their dogs, folding their laundry, making lunches for their kids. They are imparting wisdom, but doing it in such a way that people can totally relate to it.

It’s all about trust. Building that trust muscle so people know the real you, then they can invest in you and themselves.

So Be Yourself! there’s not another EXACT human being like you on the planet and that’s pretty cool!

Be The Reason

Be The Reason

This quote really struck me.

One of the most amazing compliments I got in my entire life was, “You get me, you just see me, I feel 100% myself when I am in your company. I am never judged, only accepted and that makes me feel like I can just relax and be totally me!”

I literally started crying when this special person told me this. How wonderful to be in the company of someone you feel you can be 100% yourself and you don’t need to hide ANY aspect of yourself.

I have to thank my Mom for these qualities for sure. Growing up my Mom showed me how to respect people of all ages, ethnicities, sexual preferences, the works. Growing up in a household like that made me respect people of ALL types.

I feel very blessed and lucky that I can honestly say I have been the reason someone has felt welcomed, seen, heard, valued, loved and supported.

When people feel this way there is nothing they can’t accomplish.

Thanks Mom! 🙂 xo



CREATIVITY – What it Takes

CREATIVITY – What it Takes

CREATIVITY – What it Takes. 

My my my, creativity is a skill and one I am in everyday.

I think some people think they are not creative if they can’t draw something. But creativity shows up in so many different ways.

Just by looking at the image above you can see how your brain can use creativity. Perhaps you are an inventor, or you find you come up with great ideas all the time, or maybe you are just great at problem solving or coming up with solutions to things that other people can’t see.

There are so many ways to be creative and have fun with our thoughts and our imagination. Before you judge yourself as non creative take a look at this image again and see how many post it notes ring a bell for you 🙂

You are likely more Creative than you think. 

You Deserve the Love

You Deserve the Love

You Deserve the Love You Keep Giving Everyone Else.

This quote really struck me. I don’t know about you but the year 2020/2021 was a time for a whole re think. I thought to myself, “Boy looking at all my branding and everything I have NOT done for myself in 2020/2021 looks like I stuck myself in the background ONCE AGAIN to pay attention to all my clients more so than paying any REAL attention to what I was doing or needed to do for marketing and promoting MY business”.

Bit of an example like the mechanic with the broken down car in the driveway but all his clients have well maintained nice looking vehicles. I hadn’t realized the extent of myself ignoring the VERY things that I should have been paying attention to.

Then I really looked at the word deserve. Was there something in me that I felt I didn’t DESERVE to pay attention to the things that I needed to pay attention to? Did I NOT deserve to have the same support and energy that I focused on others, focused my way?

That’s why I stopped and took the time to build a whole redo on my website. Created a great VISION COURAGE ACTION group in Facebook for Creativepreneur Women and started paying attention to my pages and groups I had created years ago for my loves of Art, Film and Fashion.

2020/2021 was definitely a year that will stand out in most of our minds. SOOOO many things happened. Can you relate to this? What were some of the things that boiled to the surface for you to look at?

While I am waiting for the world to go back when I can create my amazing Celebrations and Events for people I will be writing on quotes and things that have struck my heart in a meaningful way. I hope they help you too.

Happy New Year 2022

Happy New Year 2022

Boy it’s been a crazy last 2 years for all of us.

Here’s hoping 2022 turns out to be a stellar year for you in your business whatever you are doing. 

I hope you receive your hearts desire in full abundance 🙂 Cheers! 

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