This quote really struck me.

One of the most amazing compliments I got in my entire life was, “You get me, you just see me, I feel 100% myself when I am in your company. I am never judged, only accepted and that makes me feel like I can just relax and be totally me!”

I literally started crying when this special person told me this. How wonderful to be in the company of someone you feel you can be 100% yourself and you don’t need to hide ANY aspect of yourself.

I have to thank my Mom for these qualities for sure. Growing up my Mom showed me how to respect people of all ages, ethnicities, sexual preferences, the works. Growing up in a household like that made me respect people of ALL types.

I feel very blessed and lucky that I can honestly say I have been the reason someone has felt welcomed, seen, heard, valued, loved and supported.

When people feel this way there is nothing they can’t accomplish.

Thanks Mom! 🙂 xo