WOW! if ever there was a time when “BE YOU” was being repeated over and over again by all the top online marketing trainers in 2021, this is the statement, Be Authentic, just BE YOU!

Didn’t matter if it was Tony Robbins, or Dean Graziosi, or Marie Forleo, or Amy Porterfield, all the online marketing guru’s were saying the same thing. BE YOU!

With LIVE Video being a main component to really launching your online presence and brand through social media, you have to be you.

If your “Tribe” were to run into you on the street they should be able to relate right away, “Oh, it’s you!” because you are truly bringing yourself in every way to the table.

We have all gone through so much BS and upheaval in so many ways these last 2 years, no one has an iota of time to give people that aren’t being 100% authentic. If you are going to build trust for your brand or business you are going to have to drag up the courage to be SEEN! and when seen, REALLY be you in all your glory. Even the messy stuff.

In fact the messy stuff is what people relate to, because heck, none of us are perfect! The videos that are getting the most traction are REAL and RAW. People that aren’t afraid to push that LIVE button and capture whatever they are doing in their lives in the moment. Honestly I have seen people walking their dogs, folding their laundry, making lunches for their kids. They are imparting wisdom, but doing it in such a way that people can totally relate to it.

It’s all about trust. Building that trust muscle so people know the real you, then they can invest in you and themselves.

So Be Yourself! there’s not another EXACT human being like you on the planet and that’s pretty cool!