You Deserve the Love You Keep Giving Everyone Else.

This quote really struck me. I don’t know about you but the year 2020/2021 was a time for a whole re think. I thought to myself, “Boy looking at all my branding and everything I have NOT done for myself in 2020/2021 looks like I stuck myself in the background ONCE AGAIN to pay attention to all my clients more so than paying any REAL attention to what I was doing or needed to do for marketing and promoting MY business”.

Bit of an example like the mechanic with the broken down car in the driveway but all his clients have well maintained nice looking vehicles. I hadn’t realized the extent of myself ignoring the VERY things that I should have been paying attention to.

Then I really looked at the word deserve. Was there something in me that I felt I didn’t DESERVE to pay attention to the things that I needed to pay attention to? Did I NOT deserve to have the same support and energy that I focused on others, focused my way?

That’s why I stopped and took the time to build a whole redo on my website. Created a great VISION COURAGE ACTION group in Facebook for Creativepreneur Women and started paying attention to my pages and groups I had created years ago for my loves of Art, Film and Fashion.

2020/2021 was definitely a year that will stand out in most of our minds. SOOOO many things happened. Can you relate to this? What were some of the things that boiled to the surface for you to look at?

While I am waiting for the world to go back when I can create my amazing Celebrations and Events for people I will be writing on quotes and things that have struck my heart in a meaningful way. I hope they help you too.